Bitcoin is Dead. Again. For the 160th Time.

Posted by Nakamoto Clothing Co. on

So, crazy week in the world of Bitcoin and Cryptos. Here's a quick list of FUD, rumors and some fake news thrown in. 

  • China is banning ICO's
  • China is banning Crypto exchanges
  • Litecoin founder Charlie Lee tweets China is also banning Bitcoin itself
  • JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon claims Bitcoin is a fraud and will eventually blow up
  • Jamie Dimon claims he will fire any JP Morgan employee that deals with Bitcoin

With all the news, we've seen Bitcoin price fall below $4000/USD. Never a dull moment. Just for giggles here's a great post about the other 159 times someone claimed that Bitcoin would fail. Good times.

Keep Hodling!

Nakamoto Clothing Co.

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